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Seriously Spoiled Squirrel, Revisited



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Seriously Spoiled {Squirrels}

We have some seriously spoiled squirrels.  When they spot someone coming out into the yard, they make a beeline…and wait impatiently until we get them a treat.

squirrel 004e

squirrels 004e

squirrels 010e

squirrels 081e

squirrels 080e

squirrels 074e

squirrels 094e

squirrels 015e

(Not sure why these are so small…they are set to post at 100%, and that is definitely not 100% size.  Any thoughts?)

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Introducing…Documenting Glory!

Documenting Glory ~ Worship Through My Lens…One Shot at a Time…

A new photo blog, sharing the glory of God as I see it through my lens.

I’ve been blogging at Ponderings of an Elect Exile (formerly titled Scraps and Snippets) since 2007.  In all those years, I’ve been adamant about keeping all my “bloggy posts” under one bloggy roof.

However, I’ve decided to make the leap and start a photo blog.  I’ll still be sharing photos at Ponderings of an Elect Exile, but will be posting the majority of my photos…particularly nature photos…here.

Here are a few favorites from the past week:




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