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Wild Bird Wednesday ~ Mockingbird

mockingbird 010e

mockingbird 002e

mockingbird 004e

mockingbird 006e

mockingbird 007e

Mockingbird in our yard this week.  Linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday today!



BYB for WBW {Back Yard Birds for Wild Bird Wednesday}

Wow.  I knew this blog had been a bit neglected lately, but I had no idea it had been over two months since I’d posted!  We’ve been working hard on things around the house, trying to get into a good routine with school, and experiencing some little life glitches here and there (i.e. vehicle and health issues) that have kept us busy.  I haven’t posted much on my main blog, either…writing/posting time has just been limited altogether.

As the temps have dropped a bit here, though, we’ve been able to spend more time enjoying the backyard. Hopefully that will translate into more posting here in the coming days!

For today…a few of our backyard birds enjoying the cooler weather:

yard 230e yard 207e yard 208eyard 148e yard 145e

Linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday.

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Yellow-Shafted Northern Flickers

 I’d been out in the back yard for over an hour this morning, photographing the birds and squirrels of the morning.  I was just about to pack up and go in, when I saw something by the back fence. Upon further examination, it turned out to be a woodpecker.  I couldn’t tell what kind at that point, I just began frantically shooting before it left and I lost my chance.

Then I realized there were two woodpeckers. The odd thing was, they were on the ground. I’d never seen woodpeckers on the ground before.  We occasionally see one in the bird bath or at a feeder (particularly in winter when we have suet out), but never on the ground.

When I got inside and began researching to ID, I discovered that our morning visitors were Yellow-Shafted Northern Flickers, a variety of woodpeckers that frequently feed on the ground, digging up bugs from the dirt.

The photos I ended up with weren’t the best photographically.  I was shooting hand-held with a 300mm zoom lens, and I didn’t have time to do much with my settings.  I’m sharing them anyway, just because they were fun to capture and woodpecker shots are rare around here. 🙂



Brown Thrashers {Wild Bird Wednesday}

This poor blog has been terribly neglected the past few weeks.  Between participating in the June WordCount Blogathon at my other blog and having the bulk of our extra summer activities (camp and VBS) during June, I’ve gotten a bit behind.  Hopefully I’ll make up for that now. :)

It’s been gorgeously cool here this week for July…highs in the 80s, of all the crazy things!  Usually this time of year we’re seeing triple digits.  I’m not complaining…not one bit.  I’ll take unseasonably low highs just as long as they’ll hang around.

I’ve tried to spend some time every day taking advantage of the cooler weather by sitting outside and taking pictures of all the backyard wildlife.

Today the Brown Thrashers have been out in abundance.  This has been a bit odd, since typically they don’t spend a lot of time out in the open.  We love our Brown Thrashers.  They are fascinating birds.

First, they are beautiful. Just beautiful.

They are also amazing songbirds.  I have read that they have the largest repertoire of any songbird.

The Brown Thrasher population is beginning to decline in the U.S., shrinking somewhat, probably in part because of the decline of fencerows, hedges, and shrubby areas.  These are the areas in which they like to nest.  We have had them in our back, rather wild, fencerow, and in our front hedge. 

They seem rather shy, but they can be very aggressive. One of our dogs found this out a couple of years ago when she got too close to a Thrasher’s nest.  Brown Thrashers are serious about guarding their young, and they will attack dogs, snakes, and even humans if they feel the nest is threatened.  Their attacks are often severe enough to draw blood.


ImageLinking up with Wild Bird Wednesday today.


Inca Doves

Billy and I have always loved the doves in our yard. We’ve had many Mourning Doves ever since we moved into this house, and quite a few Eurasian Collared Doves in the last few years.  About a year ago, however, we realized that we had a new type of dove making periodic visits to our yard: Inca Doves.  We were a bit confused at first, as when we first looked them up, the information we found said that they didn’t live in our part of the country.  But they just keep coming back, and we’ve seen reports of them from others in our area as well (Steve Creek Inca Dove post).  They are beautiful birds…their feathers almost look like chain mail armor…and smaller than the Mourning Dove or Eurasian Collared Dove.  We love having them visit!

birds 002-001e birds 003-001e birds 007-001e

Linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday!

Wild Bird Wednesday