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BYB for WBW {Back Yard Birds for Wild Bird Wednesday}


Wow.  I knew this blog had been a bit neglected lately, but I had no idea it had been over two months since I’d posted!  We’ve been working hard on things around the house, trying to get into a good routine with school, and experiencing some little life glitches here and there (i.e. vehicle and health issues) that have kept us busy.  I haven’t posted much on my main blog, either…writing/posting time has just been limited altogether.

As the temps have dropped a bit here, though, we’ve been able to spend more time enjoying the backyard. Hopefully that will translate into more posting here in the coming days!

For today…a few of our backyard birds enjoying the cooler weather:

yard 230e yard 207e yard 208eyard 148e yard 145e

Linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “BYB for WBW {Back Yard Birds for Wild Bird Wednesday}

  1. Love your banner/header images and your Cardinals are great too~

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