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Yellow-Shafted Northern Flickers

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 I’d been out in the back yard for over an hour this morning, photographing the birds and squirrels of the morning.  I was just about to pack up and go in, when I saw something by the back fence. Upon further examination, it turned out to be a woodpecker.  I couldn’t tell what kind at that point, I just began frantically shooting before it left and I lost my chance.

Then I realized there were two woodpeckers. The odd thing was, they were on the ground. I’d never seen woodpeckers on the ground before.  We occasionally see one in the bird bath or at a feeder (particularly in winter when we have suet out), but never on the ground.

When I got inside and began researching to ID, I discovered that our morning visitors were Yellow-Shafted Northern Flickers, a variety of woodpeckers that frequently feed on the ground, digging up bugs from the dirt.

The photos I ended up with weren’t the best photographically.  I was shooting hand-held with a 300mm zoom lens, and I didn’t have time to do much with my settings.  I’m sharing them anyway, just because they were fun to capture and woodpecker shots are rare around here. 🙂



One thought on “Yellow-Shafted Northern Flickers

  1. I love the Flickers, great shots! Happy weekend to you!

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